The class Jtl\Connector\Core\Config\ConfigSchema is used to define the structure of the configuration for the endpoint. It consists of a collection of parameters. A parameter is defined by the Jtl\Connector\Core\Config\ConfigParameter class on the other hand.

The following parameters are already defined and required by the Core:

Option Data type Default value
cache_dir string “{connector_dir}/var/cache”
connector_dir string “{connector_dir}”
debug boolean false
features_path string “{connector_dir}/config/features.json”
log.level string “info”
log.format string “line”
log_dir string “{connector_dir}/var/log”
main_language string “de”
plugins_dir string “{connector_dir}/plugins”

More parameters can be defined in the endpoint if needed. Default parameter values can be changed in the configuration.

The configuration values itself are managed by an instance of a class which implements the Noodlehaus\ConfigInterface interface. By default it is reading the values from the file config/config.json. If a configuration value is missing then the default value from the config parameter will be used.


The connector_dir parameter has to be defined one time when the application is getting instantiated and can not be changed afterwards. It can not be set in the configuration.


Changing values from the default parameters should be done with caution.