Version 4 to 5

A few public things changed. That’s why the creation of another major version was required.

  • The $connector dependency in Jtl\Connector\Core\Application\Application::__construct() class was moved to Jtl\Connector\Core\Application\Application::run() method. In this way an application can get instantiated without any knowledge about a specific connector.
  • The class Jtl\Connector\Core\Model\AbstractDataModel was completely replaced by Jtl\Connector\Core\Model\AbstractModel.
  • The method Jtl\Connector\Core\Model\AbstractModel::addIdentificationString() was replaced by Jtl\Connector\Core\Model\AbstractModel::setIdentificationString() and Jtl\Connector\Core\Model\AbstractModel::setIdentificationStringBySubject() as well as the $mainLanguageIso argument on the Jtl\Connector\Core\Model\AbstractModel::getIdentificationStrings() method was removed.
  • The properties $request and $response in Jtl\Connector\Core\Application\Application class were renamed to $httpRequest and $httpResponse, due to better understanding. So the method setRequest() was changed to setHttpRequest() as well.
  • The optional argument $mainLanguageIso in the method Jtl\Connector\Core\Model\AbstractModel::getIdentificationStrings() was removed. First available translation will be taken instead.
  • All classes from the Jtl\Connector\Core\Type namespace were removed and replaced by reflection.
  • Use of class Jtl\Connector\Core\Model\TranslatableAttribute was simplified. A new property type was added, for being able to cast attribute values. Available types are bool, float, int, json and string (default). Actually the type property can be set only in the code. Idea is that type property can be set by JTL-Wawi in future.